Mission Statement

The mission of CAIROO Education is to provide each and every Learner with the Golden Key to learn at his/her own pace and according to his/her own learning ability to enjoy a fruitful and a successful career.


The vision of CAIROO Education is to ensure at all times that we provide the Golden Key to success to all of our clients. We ensure that this quality of service is delivered at all times with perfect honesty and integrity. No stone will be left unturned to ensure that a CAIROO Client is a happy client.

Marketing Strategy And Performance

For the first ten years the CAIROO Educational software were marketed through retail outlets to the home market and schools. Since 1996 a direct marketing approach was followed. This direct selling approach proved to be more successful than retail display. By introducing and demonstrating the programs, people realize the value and quality of the product better than reading a package on the shelf.

This prompted a higher level of direct marketing through external channels to cover the home market.

In spite of product training and support, marketing companies that were contracted to service this market did not achieve the sales that were expected from educational software of this caliber. Cairoo then expanded their own marketing teams to address direct home sales during 1999, while phasing out other parties.