Introducing the software

During the past years, CAIROO developed software for Perceptual Development, Mathematics, Sciences, Languages and Literacy. During the past few years the company concentrated on the development of software, based on e-learning principles, according to the curriculum, defined and compiled by the National Curriculum Statement.

The software has been developed not to replace the teacher, but to assist the teacher in terms of curriculum contents, remedial aid and continuous evaluation of the learner’s progress. Modern technology and specifically computer technology allows us to assist the teaching profession in all dimensions. Audiovisual material plays an important role in the cognitive learning abilities of any learner. The computer allows the learner to study at his or her own pace and the resident diagnostic tracking system (which is characteristic of the CAIROO software) enables the program not only to adjust itself to each learner’s learning pace, but it will take the learner to higher levels during the problem solving process.

Therefore, the CAIROO Software will assist the teaching process in reaching higher levels. The bottom line is that the success of the computer media has enabled learners to improve their performance by ten to thirty percent. Future developments will keep us ahead in learning.