The Mathematics together with the Sciences software developed by Cairoo is by far the most comprehensive of all the subjects.  From pre-school up to grade 9, the software covers more than 80% of the stipulated curriculum as defined by the National Curriculum Statement.
Each lesson unit is designed to address a specific learning outcome and is divided into four levels of difficulty.  The computer randomly generates questions and when a learner starts on the first level of each lesson, the computer will evaluate the learner’s ability for a specific outcome.  After two to three minutes the computer will adjust the learner to a higher (or lower) level when he or she reaches (or does not reach) the required criteria.  Teachers or lecturers have the opportunity to define and adjust a specific diagnostic criterion for each individual student.
For the Foundation- and Intermediate phases in the school curriculum, level four of each outcome addresses story sums.  Remedial help functions are available at each question.  The learner can ask for a specific help function, or if the learner answers a question incorrect for the second time, the help function will appear automatically to assist the learner in the process of mastering Mathematics. The diagnostic tracking system available in the Mathematics will ensure that the learner has covered the full curriculum for each grade.
Through the years our highly qualified support team has monitored many students at schools and educational institutions and in many cases learner’s results have increased by more than 40% in Mathematics.  The diagnostic tracking system that forms an integral part of the Mathematics software ensures that the building blocks required for success, are always in place.