The series has been created to set the ground rules for students who have lost out on the basic Mathematics building blocks of previous years and covers the core syllabi of the South African department of education.
It uses rich graphics with sound and animation to teach the child whilst entertaining him. The series also includes a diagnostic system that makes it possible for the learner to learn at his/her own pace in the comfort of his/her own home. The program adjusts to the level of the learner as he works and moves between 3 different difficulty levels according to the ability of the learner. It literally becomes a switched on math tutor that is available 24 hours a day.
The senior phase programme is focused on older students(Gr07 - Gr09) just starting out at the senior phase of school. Senior phase is set out as a "Underwater World". The creative graphics and animations were planned carefully to keep the older students interested and excited at the same time he/she is doing his/her mathematics. The programme is perfectly presented and is excellent for the specific age group.
Other features include a calculator (with five different skins), a worksheet and a hundred block.
Among the topics covered in the Senior Phase are:
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Multiplication / Division of decimal numbers
  • Products
  • Addition / Subtraction of fractions
  • Multiplication / Division of fractions
  • Foctorising roots
  • The concept of variables
  • Multiplication / Division of terms and exponents
  • Input and output values
  • Percentage, profit, interest
  • Equations
  • Perimeters, areas and volumes
  • Shapes and angles    
  • Graphs 
System requirements: Pentium II 300 MHz, Windows 98 2nd Ed. or later, Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, 64 MB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space Available, CD-Rom Drive, Sound Card.