CAIROO developed an English Literacy program for Adult Basic Education.  More than a 100 lesson units have been designed to enable the learner to master the skills of literacy.  Topics such as:
  • Our Family
  • Budgeting
  • Aids
  • Buying my first car
  • Buying food
  • Democracy
  • Voting
  • A day at the Zoo
and many more topics were compiled to address the social transformation of our citizens.

The English Literacy program starts with either a passage or a dialogue between workers followed by a comprehension test and a vocabulary test.  The grammar part that follows the vocabulary test addresses the different topics as mentioned in the Reading and Grammar program through literacy skills such as: Transformation of sentences Change sentences to questions Complete the sentences Substitution The correct use of tenses, etc  
Together with the Spelling and Reading programs the Literacy program forms an integral part in the process of mastering the social transformation of all South Africans

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